In distances between 500 and 1000 driven km (depending upon climatic conditions) the drive set should be cleaned and lubricated. Handling characteristics as well as safety are affected positively by it, life time of drive set will be extended substantially.

At the bicycle the frequency depends strongly on the conditions of the last tour. In case of bad weather and dirty ground it is essential to clean and lubricate the chain. But even when dry "dusty" conditions a perfectly cleaned and lubricated chain ensures also protection!

In order not to damage the chain, steam radiators or similar equipments should not be used for cleaning - with KettenMax (and the drain bag), the chain will never "wash out" thorough cleaning and lubrication.

In order to obtain an optimal cleaning the chain flanks, the lateral cleaning brushes with consideration of the chain width can be suitable selected by coloured templates and different sizes of brushes (brush - putting in mechanism).

An optimal lubrication effect (long term adhesion of the lubricant) is obtained only if the drive set were before thoroughly cleaned. Further it is to be made certain absolutely that the drive set is during the lubrication procedure dry.

Liquid cleaner and lubrication spray is included in the KettenMax Premium set. The compact cleaning and lubrication equipment ensure a pollution free, clean and fast chain service due to its closed construction.

A cleaning of the KettenMax after each employment is not necessary, since cleaning agent is purposefully supplied and the contaminated is again purposefully drained and caught (if the chain is clean, therefore also the brushes are clean).

In accordance with our experience the brush service life is on professional use (garage) of the KettenMax approx. 2 years. With private use the brush wear is accordingly less.

In principle the KettenMax is completely dismountable, all parts are easy exchangeable and available as set and individually.