It all started with the purchase of a motorbike!

I really enjoyed the trips on the bike, but the chain care seemed annoying to me. But as it is well known that chain care is necessary I used to keep my chain in shape by making efforts with tooth brushes, cloths and everything the motorbike market could offer. The time needed for this procedure was a nightmare to me, but did I have another alternative?

To make matters worse it didn´t last long until my wife wanted to have her own motorbike, which meant maintenance works for another "hot engine". I really couldn´t believe that the market didn´t offer any solution for such inferior but nevertheless important works. I kept looking globally for a solution, but the results were disappointing.

In the meantime I became more and more absorbed by the idea of creating a special cleaning and lubrication device. So I started to develop a solution according to my own mind. The prototype of the KETTENMAX was born - not very handy and not very impressing, but quite functional!

I was beyond joy to have found a proper solution for myself, since our son had got a bike too then, which meant triple chain care. And you all know what it is like - among like-minded - you chat, you share experiences and you communicate solutions for easier cleaning and care of motorbikes. This aroused interest among my friends immediately. First tests were carried out and in the end they all wanted to have this marvellous thing. I guess this enthusiasm made me puzzle over my device once again. After several modifications the prototype of today´s version was developed. With this prototype I also had to make an important decision - should I devote myself entirely to this task and follow my vision or should I rather consider it as a hobby?

My family, all my friends and neighbours - my entire environment - were behind my idea and encouraged me to realise it. Without them the KETTENMAX would never have managed to embrace the cause of motorbikers.

Overview of our history:

1996 Development of prototype
1997 First industrial manufacturing, first successes in Austrian and German sales
1998 German and Austrian wholesalers add KETTENMAX to their selling programme
Worldwide application for patent
1999 KETTENMAX establishes in various countries of Europe, first inquiries from overseas, Asia and Oceania
2000 Englands biggest manufacturing company of motor bike accessories adds KETTENMAX to its product portfolio
2004 Production and presentation of  KETTENMAX - Bike
2007 Development and presentation of the new KETTENMAX premium including chain cleaner and chain spray
2008 Modification and further development of the KETTENMAX Bike
Our goals for satisfied customers all over the world!