Frequently Asked Questions

Does the KettenMax fit on every bike?

Exept the following 2 models, the standard version is apt for every motorbike:
- Kawasaki VN 800
- Honda Shadow 600
For these two types of bike a modified version of the KettenMax is available.

Does the KettenMax fit on every bicycle?
Yes! KettenMax fits on every bicycle chain. At some bike frames (for example down-hill frames) you will need an extension of the stabilizing bracket. The stabilizing bracket can be found in Utilities & spare bike!

How long do the brushes last?
Experience has shown that the brushes wear down after two years if being used professionally (garage) several times a day.

Can the brushes be replaced?
Each brush is available either separately or in a complete set.

Do I have to clean the KettenMax after each use?
No, cleaning the KettenMax is not necessary. Deposits on the bottom of the casing do not influence the cleaning nor the lubrication. They can be rinsed off with petrol.

How often must the chain pass through until it is really clean?
The number of turns depends on the extent of pollution and on the cleaning agent used. The chain is clean as soon as pure liquid comes out of the discharge hose.

Which cleaning agent do I have to use?
The KettenMax is apt for all cleaning agents - from chemical ones to pollution-free products.

Which lubricant do you recommend to use?
The KettenMax allows you to use all common lubricants available on the market.

Does the KettenMax need to be installed permanently?
NO! Both cleaning and lubrication are carried out stationarily.

Is it possible to clean and lubricate the chains while the engine is on?
NO! Always turn off the motor while cleaning or lubricating the chains!